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Oceans and What Lies Beneath
Bowhead Whale Food Chain
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Bowhead Whale Food Chain

The Bowhead Whale, is at the top of this Arctic Marine Food Chain. However like some of the other arctic marine food chains the apex predator of the marine food chain can still be eaten by land animals. For example this bowhead whale is still sometimes eaten by polar bears and humans. But is in fact still the apex predator of this  arctic marine food chain.
This Whale eats Krill and the krills eat tiny drifting plants and animals such as plankton and algea.

                                                                                                                                      Below is a picture of a krill.

This whale (bowhead) has two blowholes for breathing. Just like all whales they need air since they are mammals. The Bowhead Whale uses its blowholes to get the air that they need.

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