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Oceans and What Lies Beneath
Ringed Seal Food Chain
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Ringed Seal Food Chain

The Ringed Seal, is at the top of this Arctic Marine Food Chain.
It eats much like the Beluga Whale.
The Ringed eats cod, though and other fish in its area such as the herring, and different salmons such as the Pink Salmon, The Red (Sockeye) Salmon, The Chum (Dog) Salmon, The Silver (Coho) Salmon, and The King (Chinook) Salmon. It also predatored some other arctic fish such as Lake Trout, Dolly Varden, Arctic Char, Grayling, various Whitefish such as the large Whitefish, Sheerfish (Inconnu). Also, Blackfish, pike, and various daces, carps, and minnows.
Those fish ate crustaceans such as shrimp (fairy or brine), copepods, barnacles, krill, lobsters, crabs, eand malacastas.
These crustaceanse eat tiny drifting plants and animals. Some of these are called, drifting planktons, and algae.
Ringed Seals are on a lower level among these food chains. They feed on small shrimp and small fish such as herring, cod and capelin. They sometimes may be eaten by walrus, polar bears or killer whales. Ringed Seals do not often become the food of walrus or polar bears, but they are eaten by killer whales.
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