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Oceans and What Lies Beneath
The Arctic Marine Food Chains
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Arctic Marine Foodchains

Marine SystemsThe Arctic Marine biome is home to many species of sea. These Arctic marine species adapt to the cold tempertures of the polar or arctic seas to take advantage of the nutrient rich waters surrounding the ice edges and continental shelves.

In a food chain there is an apex predator, who is at the top of the food chain and eats many other species. Usually the apex predator is the largest and eats the medium sized species (in this case the polar bear which is on land, also a whale or walrus or seal and such ,also big creatures of the arctic marine biome). Then, the medium sized species would eat smaller species or plants (fish, arctic cod, krill, etc. And the small animals eat smaller ones until they just eat plants (herbivores). These small drifting plants are called Phytoplanktons (such as algae or plankton) and they would actually connect all of the food chains. Since all would eat these Phyto Planktons.

Below are some of the Arctic Marine Food Chains and descriptions. (Click and enjoy!)