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jUsT fOr fUn
Cute Stories
Holla! (Guestbook/Contact Info)

o0Ooo0Oo0~ hAy! How YOU doin? ~o0Ooo0Oo0

hey hey, it's clarissee... aka issa... aka samantha... aka fish... aka.... iono watever else you know me as! geezzzz.... it's just mee ok! issamee!
soo... enjoy the site
o..hmm...on this website you will be seeing tons of crazy/idiotic randomness..cuz that's pretty much the story of my life.. u probably already kno that...

this is good stuff to check out... if your on the
Toilet, Opening & Closing Lid
just wanted to use this awesome animation somehow

Talking mouth
yak yak yak

oo yea and check and write in the guestbook if ya get the chance.

Cute little RODENT!
this ground hog was munchin on our pretty flowers. my mom yelled at it but i thought it was cute!

fIsHie! that's me.. it think...?
Gold fish

hey.. i'm kinda busy.. could you get me that coke?

Mood: boooored

Listening to: air...?

My parents calls me: issa, sa, boching, 'nak


Ethnicity: Filipino ~ Pacific Islander~.... not to be confused w/ azn ;)

Number of candles that appeared on my last birthday cake: 2. they were backwards tho.

Favorite animal:  i love lookin (from afar) at the cute animals and petting them... but they can't move!! im a scaredy cat (no pun intended) but not cats... love dogs that i kno won't hurt me.. i kno.. i'm a chicken! (haha. y do they always have to use animal names?)

Tattoo?   the lil kitty that grew into a tiger still won't wipe off.... i don't kno why... i mean bugs bunny did!


How much do you love your job or jobs? work is never fun.. unless you got some awesome friends to chill with.. so... i guess its ok.

Birthplace?  my mommy

Favorite vacation spot you have been to? pHiLipPinnEs and NY city! whoot whoot!

Ever been to Africa?  nope, but can't wait to see my brothas again (the monkeys).

Still keep in touch with any childhood friends? yea, course... they're like my only friends...


 Ever been in a car accident? like.. wats an accident? if u mean have i ever had an accident in the car... then yes! but that wasn't my fault... we were goin to the grocery store to get diapers, okay! gosh!

Anything you wouldn't do for family if they needed you? nope... gotta luv the familia

Brothers and sisters? yup 1 sissyter and 1 "twin" bro. hehe jd.

 Coffee? irish cream... mmmm... but i have to dump a lot of milk and sugar into coffee... so maybe i just like fraps and caps

Salad Dressing? as long as its not blue cheese (i mean... why the heckers is it blue?)

Favorite dessert? Sahara

Favorite Number?  five?

 Favorite movie? ooooo..... i don't kno there's too many cute n awesome ones. i luv the disney movies and cute movies like Finding Nemo and Shrek... and then scary movies (even tho i end up crying or running to my mommy in the night) ---The Ring scared the heebeejeebeez outa me cuz i have to have black hair!!! and i cried when i watched the exorcist. but it's all good... i almost cried watching "brother bear"  too so doesn't mean much.


Favorite color? blue, baby blue, sky blue... and i have to admit... pink! ahahaha.

Favorite Holiday? ummm.. none.. used to be christmas.. but now that im not a lil kid.. its no fun.

Favorite Food? icecream. i eat it by the gallon

Favorite days of the week? fryday and siterday

Favorite TV Show(s): ummm... family guy, joey!, and old episodes the simpsons (old episodes), f-r-i-e-n-d-s, and yes dear? iono. i luv cute comedies.

Most recently read book: ?hmm.. reading...golden compass. but it might take me another month to finish it.

Perfume: umm.. no.. maybe some bath and body works body splash, but nope.. unless ADRIENNE sprays me madly with cotton candy


 How many times did you fail your driver's test? yea rite noone's even gonna try to give me one of those!

Where do you see yourself in 10 Years? ooo.. tough question. driving (hopefully by then),  graduated from college, reaping in the profits, and just livin the life,

When do you want to be married? iono... whenever the time is right. i can't tell by now! max. age is in the 30s. cuz... if i'm 30 and single... i'll be depressed. so, 25-30 ?


Children? Boys or girls?  most def. i loove little kids/babies.. awww they are too cute (well, most of them). boy kids would be fun, but girl kids are prolly the ones that aren't rude pigs and would actually care about their poor ole mother. So, i want the oldest to be a girl and the lil ones boys. but it's not like i can decide... (well, technically i can... but that's just wrong)

What do you do when you are bored? (surprised i'm not obese yet), play sims (gotten pretty boring tho), donkey kongas!, DDR!!, and i scream at the top of my lungs and sing and stuff.

Last Vacation? OC (ocean city.. not orange county)

Next Vacation? L.A.? or Australia or the PhIliPpInnEs

Last concert? haha. wow... N*SYNC... that's how long its been..

What would you do with a million dollars? buy five below! haha i love all the worthless crap in that store. no... i have no idea. i'd prolly buy a awesome car/cars for the family (not like i can drive), and... somethin cool for u guys.. and i'd have to donate some thousand dollars or more or i'd feel sooo bad.


Be sure to get in touch so I know you're out there!