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Reasons for Expansion/Imperialism of the Navy


  • Captain Alfred T. Mahan/ Need to have a ready Navy in case of battle, because there is so much war and hate in the world today. We never know when we can be put in a quandary with some other country.
  • “The great nations are rapidly absorbing for future expansion and their present defense all the waste places of the earth. It is a movement which makes for civilization and the advancement of the race. As one of the great nations of the world, the US must not fall out of the line of march.” –Henry Cabot Lodge
  • Currently, the Navy is only ranked 12th in the world.
  • After the Civil War, most of our ships have been scrapped, or left to rot.
  • Need Congress to approve funds for a modern fleet of steel battleships.
  • We haven’t been spending enough money or even focusing on what is at hand.
  • We need to obtain many bases around the world to be ready.
  • Must get to the pacific bases (that can be used for refueling our ships) before other leading Navy’s (Britain and Germany).
  • “The Influence of Sea Power Upon History” – Captain Alfred T. Mahan.
  • More bases also for commerce and trade.


The Lucitania

Clarisse Abalos

7th Grade- 2nd Period

{ICTURE: Google: lucitania. 3rd row-1st pic.


When: May 17, 1915

Where: Southern Coast of Ireland

How: Lucitania was sunken by a Walther Schwieger's German U-boat's blind torpedoe. (no particular target)

What: Was part of the reason for America's entry into World War I. US embassador said "The United States must declare war or forgeit European respect"

Who: 1200 victims- 128 Americans.

Couldn't launch its lifeboats. Sunk in 18 mins.

PICTURE: Google: Lusitania> 3rd row last pic.



quay: a wharf or reinforced bank where ships are loaded and unloaded

A quay, on the southern coast of Ireland, came many rescue ships.

vessel: a craft especially one larger then a rowboat, designed to navigate on water.

The Lucitania was a vessel carrying more than 100 Americans.

cessation- bringing or coming to an end.

It was a cessation of lives for many babies.

PICTURE google: vessel:1st pic

Google: quay: last row 3rd pic

SLIDE 4: 3 new facts

Warning was even left by the German Embassy, in the American Press the day that Lusitania had pulled away from NY's Rivers and into the Hudson, for those that would be traveling into the Atlantic.

Was used to ferry goods and people between the US and England.

Was supposed to be fast to flee under attack

Didn't fall down from the first topedo. Went down the second attempt.


SLIDE 5: Bibliography


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