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jUsT fOr fUn
Cute Stories

o0Ooo0Oo0~ hAy! How YOU doin? ~o0Ooo0Oo0

Cute little RODENT!
this ground hog was munchin on our pretty flowers. my mom yelled at it but i thought it was cute!

yea, i'm just really bored and i need something to do.
anyways... on this website you will be seeing tons of stupid, idiotic, but sometimes... pretty funny stuff. usually just stupid so don't get ur hopes up. but hey i kinda made an effort into making this site so don't be too critical :)

this is good stuff to check out... if your on the
Toilet, Opening & Closing Lid
just wanted to use this awesome animation somehow

Talking mouth
yak yak yak

oo yea and check and write in the guestbook if ya get the chance.

hey.. i'm kinda busy.. could you get me that coke?

fIsHie! that's me.. it think...?
Gold fish

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