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jUsT fOr fUn
Cute Stories
Holla! (Guestbook/Contact Info)

Class of 2004!!!

if u have any pics or wtvr, u can email them to me at, or u can try putting it on the guest book, and i'll try to put it in here :p

never, thought you would see so many gurls groomin donkey brendan? that's all of us lil fairies!

BeYonCe JaMes
haha wow!

The New Posse
dO you kno these people? i'll just call them woodchuck and blondie... and somethin poppin out

Teehee! It's my Gumdrop Family!!!

umm... a snowman? hehe.... yea so i messed up..but doesn't it look like it has legs?.. iono.. i like it

hey look! IT"S JEFF!
Crazy punker face
hehe sorry... but his hair was green for a long time!

i'll add the other pics from the last few days of school once i get them developed! got some good ones!