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Darfur, Africa
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To Save Many Lives

graphic?...but real.

At this moment, in Darfur, Sudan, families and villages are being torn apart. Men and boys of all ages are being killed. Women and girls are being sexually abused. Other children are being forced to work for the rebel armies. These children will be killed if they don't follow their commands.
Whole villages have been burned down and emptied. Two million Sudanese have been forced to flee their homes. They are shed away in famine. Hundreds of thousands have been brutally killed in just a matter of two years. They are all living a difficult and dangerous life. These people need our help.
Eleven years ago, in Rwanda, the same thing happened. There was genocide and nations ignored it, leaving so many men, women, and children to be slaughtered. Are we going to let this happen again? The Darfur genocide is still a serious issue. We still have the opportunity and voice to put a stop to this. We can prevent hundreds of thousands more from this torture and death. Grasp this opportunity. By signing this petition, we are leading other nations to send
protection, deliver aid, and save hundred of thousands of lives. We can only pray for the millions of lives that have already been ruined and taken away. But, we can sign this petition to give the refugees hope of a better life.
Please, open your hearts and minds. You'll find that this is a serious issue that others ought to look into. Many of us never know about these terrible, terrible events that are occurring on the very same planet that we live on. We don't always recognize all of the real troubles of this world. We aren't as grateful as we should be. Our luxurious lives cannot even begin to compare to the lives of these poor refugees.
Are you going to take this one minute to sign this petition and help those in serious need?
Or are you going to ignore it, and continue to let hundreds and thousands more people suffer?

Click the link below, sign this powerful petition
To learn more about the Darfur Genocide refer to the following link:
Do you want to do more?
You can. Make a donation, write a letter to congressmen and President Bush…act

Thank you, to all of you who have chosen to help. You have helped to make a difference in the world.

God bless you all.

thank you