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hi. ( hehe i like the cursor because you can make weird things with it if you move it around. have an imagination :)

June 15, 2003

hey! guess what today i made this webpage. and it took me forever just trying to figure out how to get the guestbook to work so u better use it! hahah watever. but yea as michael would know i played a good "prank" and he actually fell for it. haha dumb. lol jk. but yea i rock! same prank as i pulled on alex. muahahhaha. yea haha ashley... soo sad... i'm good. i rock. haha u thought that she was hot. lol. and sam? yea. ok. lol.
on friday the thirteenth a few things happened there were like a lot of things going on. everywhere.
and that's including my shorts. thanx! yea they turned green thanks to someone but my mommy got it out yahoo! lol. yea jordan my mommy got em out not me. i tried, but it just didn't work for some reason. haha
ok well thats enough for today. have fun!