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So yea u all kno who likes who...
(just to let u kno these are my guesses. some may be completely not real but its wat people see) lol. hheheheheh. yes i kno for real for some people but others not sure about.
o wait nevermind here's some proof... (good proof) (good stuff) (muahahahhaha)
Drew and Becca: married in third grade, ripped up their divorce papers and are still married, still like eachother,
Adrienne and Michael, ahem ahem i don't kno if i should put this up. its really gonna take forever to put it up. so i guess i'll work on that over the summer... but yea we all kno about that. pictures, chats, etc. hehe. should i? i don't kno... maybe just one...
Clarisse says:
do u wanna b gf and bf?
Michael says:
I 'll be her boyfriend i don't care
Clarisse says:
i don'tknow wat do u think of adrienne?
Michael says:
Clarisse says:
i'll b sure to tell her
Michael says:
yeah g ahead she aleady knos I called her a sexy chick lst year
Clarisse says:
Michael says:
Clarisse says:
has she ever kissed u back?
Michael says:
Yeah once
I guess u r right i just read your email again. She would always  forgive me for almost anyhting except cheating. Kiddin, i would never cheat on her, I love her, lol LOVE, what would the world be without love?. Well i'll tell u. no marriage. no sex. no kid. everyone dies. Isn't that cool. She was kiddin the whole time. she laughed at me when i was like my lips were an inch away from hers. HAHAHAHHAha! lol She always has the lovey look when she is round!!!!!!!! 
    later sorry for sending so much stuff but i am bored it ocuuypies me!!!!! i speeled that wrong later

He clarisse I'm starting to believe it is LOVE. Think about it. I love her and she loves me. lol. It's LOVE. I was thinking, i'm probobably not going to kiss her maybe hug, Give a man some time i am thinking . Get back to u bout that. sorry. What did Mrs.kelly say bout the puddin thing. someone said something and mrs.k said they've ....... somehting else. What did they say. ever hear a realy gay song by a gay artist and have it remid u of someone really important in u're love life?. Well maybe not .Why am i teelin u this
    later talk in school.  I haven't made a move yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
so that means michael+adrienne= awwww.... oooooo... love and**********
and adrienne+michael=  ooooo..... awwww..... lovey! and ******************
oo that's good. don't worry michael i can't delete this muahahha.
(srry i'll add pics later)
O TIMAYA JACKSON LIKES MICHAEL. or atleast to. hahahahahahha. in 2nd grade. yup yup yup u all knew that but i had to put it up for the sake of having it up
also jordan likes michael. ahhahahah. don't kill me jordan. hahahaha. don't seriously. i'm jk. but yea we'll c how that goes about and stuff. i think u do. but hey i wouldn't kno. course u would wink wink. haha u do. jk. lol. i don't kno. i have to work on that one. and i'm still wondering about the whole charlie climo thing.
but don't worry people the only people that i've told about this website was umm... the whole class. no jk. just jordan, michael, and i'm getting adrienne to look at it. muahahahhaha. and keturah has. but that was before. way back when i put a pic of my butt on it. lol. thank god u guys didn't see that. lol. jk. have fun!
o wait ok yea more news besides michael and adrienne and jordan and all of the stuff thats pretty obvious. lol.
hmmm... there really isn't that much news. but umm... yea today i remembered about how lyssa and kimee got into a "fight" in the beginning of the year and they slapped eachother and everything. eheh that was funny. and the whole "don't get into a hissy fit lyssa" thing lol. haha so funny
arvin and eric frenched i think lol.

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